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“Amrus, I’m gladdened by your quick response. My diviners have been pestering me of late saying that events are occurring in Faerun which could have a dreaded impact on us, even here on Evermeet. As always it is hard to decipher the distant future for things are always changing and the wills of those involved are constantly reforming the future based on the consequences of their actions. I wish I did not have to respond to this threat but they say it grows dark if something is not done. I’m not certain what is required and I need someone I can trust without unduly endangering the line of successor-ship. So I’ve inquired and three things the diviners are certain of. First is the name of a small city near our ancestral homeland, ‘Ashabenford’. Second that there is a champion to the cause who must be aided. Third that the Harper’s are involved in some fashion and that they can give you information regarding the threat. I’m certain that you will be received by the harpers if not entirely welcomed. Take this letter which will validate your presence with the harpers and lend you aid with the elves if needed. The threat as near as we can tell does not involve the Drow directly so do not look there. Go quickly and remember your heritage, do not shame me or our people. May Correllian’s light shine about you and give you guidance. Be safe.â€
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