What to do?

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What to do about the forum?

Leave everything as it is
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Get Lorin to upgrade it when he can, even allowing that might take months (or years!)
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Have Rob host it and make it as much as possible like this one
Try something else completely - like a blog format or something like it (leave comment below)
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What to do?

Postby Just Rob » Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:06 pm

The question has arisen again "What to do about the bulletin board?" Some of us are frequently missing posts and events because of the old version of the software that is not very capable of notification or RSS feeds is all we can work with. Lorin has the technical know-how and ownership of the file system, but is missing what is needed most: time and resources. There is just too much to do and too little time to do it all.

The fact is that we need a better system to help us keep in touch. Upgrading the bbs software to version 3 would be great, but getting it there may be impossible due to time restraints and the confidentiality of Lorin's clients existing on the same server. So what other option do we have?

We migrated at least once before - from Yahoo groups to here. If needed (and helpful), we can do it again. Doing an upgrade would be most helpful because it would preserve all of our previous posts. But it may not be possible due to constraints on Lorin's time. So what I propose is that we pull the plug on the old discussion forum and restart it on my server. I have the time and the resources to keep it up to date and serving our needs without as many demands on my time as you guys have. I would create the same groups for the same topics, but just add better functionality of the software to keep us more able to keep up with posts that we make. I may be able to add a blog functionality too if we want to try that out.

So please cast your vote. No disrespect is meant to you, Lorin. Your hosting of our forum has been great and we appreciate your willingness to help us out. I just think it is time to pass the torch and want to see what the group consensus is. Please cast your vote or leave your comment on how you want to proceed.
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Postby Greylen » Fri Sep 24, 2010 6:11 pm

For the record, I'm fine with Rob hosting this. I really do not have time to upgrade it. I hardly have time to be with my family.

SOOO, I would suggest we transfer this FIRST, Rob, using a backup and the current version. Then you can run the upgrade on it, so we don't lose history and such. THAT was the true loss with the last conversion.

I'll back this up and email you the files as soon as everyone votes. :)

Thanks Buddy.
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