Crown Riddle

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Crown Riddle

Postby Greylen » Sat Aug 20, 2016 10:41 am

As was mentioned briefly last night, the only thing you found in the druid's room was a scroll with a riddle on it, about the missing eight gems. If you decide to accept the quest to get them, the wand can only teleport you to the vicinity of the gem. It's up to you to solve the riddle and find the hiding place of the gem.

The Eight Gems of the Crown

The gems you will find, they lay their own map; Follow the color of the gem, to find where it is at.

The first is one of sea-water green, held by the fallen giant, that can no longer see.

The second is the most treasured as you shall see, It's held by the one trying to rob the treasury.

The third is a fiery orange and red, It is located in a land that most think dead.

The fourth is a stone with colors that flow, shift and sway; and can be found in the hands of one with the same name.

The fifth gets it color from a name in the east; To see through the truth is to see the true beast.

The sixth is a crystal blue you will seek, if you can learn of the place where the old go to sleep.

The seventh stone is a soft white green. It is held by one who has seen many things. He controls by fear and lives by the night; to get the gem, you must seek the light.

The final stone is one of deep blood red, it is held by one with the arts at his hands. To get this stone and complete your quest, you must kill the owner's host, then search out his final rest.
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