Leadership Skill - Tomb of Horrors

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Leadership Skill - Tomb of Horrors

Postby Greylen » Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:50 pm

OK, we've had a few questions on the leadership skill. Here are my thoughts.

Leadership Score: A character’s base Leadership score equals his level
plus any Charisma modifier..

Leader’s Reputation Modifier
Great renown +2
Fairness and generosity +1
Special power +1
Failure –1
Aloofness –1
Cruelty –2

The Leader . . . Modifier
Has a familiar, special mount, or –2
animal companion
Recruits a cohort of a different alignment –1
Caused the death of a cohort –2*
* Cumulative per cohort killed.

The Leader . . . Modifier
Has a stronghold, base of operations, +2
guildhouse, or the like
Moves around a lot –1
Caused the death of other followers –1

I'm going to allow that you have a 'Guildhouse'(+2) and a reputation for fairness (+1) but you move around a lot (-1) (Note it could become a Renowned reputation later, based off your actions in this adventure)

So currently, Torrelon would have a score of 17 and Samnor a score of 21. Just in case if you want the leadership feat as well, Helmgar would have 19 and Castus 21.

I am not opposed to ANY of you taking the feat. You just need to let me know what type of Cohort your looking to have (i.e. Theif, Bard, Intelligent Undead, Mount, etc.) and let me work it into the storyline. As for followers, they will NOT be travelling with you and you may find them having just 'showed up' at your new residence. That will be a side adventure in and of itself once the main adventure is completed... (IF it is completed. :ymdevil: )

Just remember that any cohort would be like having another PC at the table, one that gets their own experience and a share of the spoils when you take get them. So in effect, it is kind of a group decision to have a full-fledged cohort. In this campaign, it won't be an issue. It can scale to whatever you guys want to do for fun and enjoyment. BUT I have to know soon, so think it over and post or email me. :-c
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Re: Leadership Skill - Tomb of Horrors

Postby Theylan » Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:03 pm

Samnor Go for it. I'm all for a cohort
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