Almost a year in now!

Yeah, like we'll have time for this, but hey, you never know...

Almost a year in now!

Postby Just Rob » Sat May 26, 2012 11:01 pm

Latest session:

Red dragon was killed by the mage (of all people) using a melee attack. We all congratulate him. While he is basking in warrior-like adulation, the "dead" dragon turns into big red. A conversation ensues between her and Greylen, with her pretty much ignoring all the rest of us except for occasionally the elf, since although we have beat the trash out of her and her boytoy before, I guess we are below her notice. However, time discussing matters is completely fruitless as she rejects us for not knowing where the artifact is and cuts off the talking by stomping us with no chance of getting away, defending ourselves, or breaking her pins. She jumps up and down on us and soon, we are all pretty much dead goo. How fun! At the last second (big surprise!), the trump card starts talking and the paladin and dwarf miraculously get some fruit that restores everyone in the party back to full hit points (and still no abilities or use of equipment, so we are all still pretty much 1st level characters). She takes off (literally) to go track down Corwin. The rest of us, minus the elf - who is dead dead, and immune to the restorative properties of the fruit - gather our wits (but nothing else, because - guys - we are in a hurry here!) and Corwin moves us somewhere that we soon to recognize as the tower.

Futility subsequently reigns as we run into situations where no matter what we do, the outcome is still the same - ineffective; completely. After being chased by a loud air elemental-type creature with multiple heads running around with "password?" "Oh, that's not it! I'll proceed to scream my head off for now on, o.k.?" When 4 of the 5 of us attacked it, it reflects the attack back on us by becoming us with all our weapons and bonuses, so any hit just results in the hit going back on us with no damage (apparently) to the creature. We then gave up on it and ran away (like the big, 27th level characters that we are!!!). It followed. We went up a level. It followed. We ran into some not-described creatures that we - wait for it . . . - couldn't do anything about. Why? Because we're naked of course! We walked through a shimmering curtain that apparently was Tenser's Curtain of Male Nudity (at least Bigby didn't show up with any inappropriate "hand" spells!) that took everything (and I mean everything! Including the communications tool - the trump) from us and left us in the full monty position to face enemies. We tried to deal with them using grappling and subdual damage, but, SURPRISE SURPRISE, nothing worked! Then, mister screaming "alarm" guy shows up, walks through the curtain, and changes form into the paladin and whacks me with my own attack and equipment. See, what applies to us does not apply to the denizens of wherever we are, so the bad guys get "most favored nation status" whether it seems logical or not for that to happen, and no matter what we do, it doesn't impact the outcome or our choices. So, we continue our railroading with no ability to affect the outcome of a pre-determined series of events and are just alone for the ride and to make side bets amongst ourselves as to who will die and stay dead in the most meaningless and powerless manner possible.

That about sums it up for me so I can remember the "events" for next session. Let the Soap Opera continue![/i]
"Dragon? Did someone say dragon?"
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