Life at Tallinn's Tower - Part 2

Any scenarios we want to run online to facilitate game-play for the next session. Very important if somethings there...
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Life at Tallinn's Tower - Part 2

Postby Greylen » Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:15 pm

Tallinn nodded at the wisdom of the Gnome's words. "Yes, I think that keeping your destination a secret for now will be for the best. I will contact my friend, however, and give him a heads up that you are on the way. Otherwise, he may not be as hospitable as I when you get there." she grins broadly, with a chuckle before continuing to eat her meal. Arahana winced as she rolled her eyes at the 'Hospitality' of Tallinn, her face pinched ruefully as she winked at Eli. Everyone else at the table suddenly had a chill go up their spine at the thought of a less hospitable person than their current host... at least before they got through her tests.

Tallinn chewed thoughtfully, looking at Eli and Malgrim who had remained silent throughout the conversation. Then with a shrug she pointed her drumstick at the party. "Since we only have once course of action proposed and it was seconded" she nodded to Solaster, "we will go with that plan for now. You have two more days to prepare. At which time, I will teleport you to a place I know not far from Forstar Nagar. You should reach the city easily from there." She hold up her hand as Trident inhales to start the questions. "No, I cannot teleport you into the city. It is warded from that. Yes, I will prepare you with spells to ward off the cold of the ice plateau. Yes, you may copy any spell I have that is of a level you can cast. Yes, you may still take one of my less important magic items each, to help and you may read the history or Forstar Nagar that I have in my library. Did I get it all?" She gives a small laugh looking down with humor at the irrepressible gnome, who laughs himself and nods, "At least for now." he adds.

Tallinn nods back and the talk turns to less weighty matters as she regales the group with tales of her adventuring youth. She is a very good storyteller and soon has everyone laughing, even Malgrim who belched loudly in approval of the drink.

Later as the party is led back to their rooms, they note that small packs have been prepared from them already, containing 3 potions, warm clothing and snow-shoes. A letter in each reads, "Arahana (the thoughtful dear) thought you probably were not quite prepared for the conditions you will be facing, so she put these together for you. Use them wisely. The potions are potions of Endure Elements, which will last 24 hours each. I would suggest you finish your business in Forstar Nagar before they expire. -Tallinn"

The time seems to be passing quickly, so each climbs into their down-fluffed bed and falls asleep quickly.
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