The Swords Dilema...

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The Swords Dilema...

Postby Greylen » Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:15 pm

To say that Halgur was as dumbfounded as a sword could be, would be understating the facts surrounding how he came to be in a good clerics hands at the moment.

One moment he was reveling in the crushing stroke from Degorgra, the Horrible, on his hated foes head, the Dwarf's helmet splitting in two, his edge biting into that tough head, though not as much as he anticipated... then the other moment Degorgra was doubling up in agony around an axe strike from the very same Dwarf, falling unconscious.

What had happened? Halgur wasn't the brightest sword in the world. He knew his own strength was not his wit, but his ability to rend and destroy... which finally led him to a mental shrug at the mystery. He had to decide what to do NOW. Especially once he felt Degorgra's life force cease. Casting about from his limited field of view, under the human's arm, he saw the dwarf risking his life again, just to relieve Degorgra's head from his shoulders.

Halgur shivered with regret. Degorgra had been his best master yet. Fierce, strong and completely amoral, he spread chaos everywhere he went... which was very much to Halgurs pleasure. Especially when they got to participate in the battle, not just direct it. Though Halgur thought he cut quite the dashing figure, when on fire and being brandished about by Degorgra.

Deciding, he tried to communicate with the human holding him, "Master?", he thought at the goody-goody. He could feel the waves of goodness just rolling off this one and recoilded mentally. That was it. Looks like it was time to find a new master. One more to his liking.

For the next hour he linked briefly with everyone the cleric came in contact with, recoiling from each with a small quiver. The concern, love and joy of the survivors in the town were on the verge of overwhelming his psychie. Humans usually had at least one or two bad apples, but none came in range of his senses.

Suddenly his mind touched one last being, this time a Gnome that had just come from the battlefield. The relief caused him to quiver uncontrollably with excitement. The gnomes mind showed a most refreshing dash of chaos and a nice wide selfish streak. This was his type of person!

The cleric was looking at him with concern, so he calmed himself and started studying the gnome. He was not too imposing a figure, but he definitely had a power about him. Seeing a shortsword at his side, Halgur sighed. At least it was a sword. He loved sword forms the best. As things quieted down, he went to work, slowly shifting his form until it was completed.

As the morning dawned, Halgur again quivered with excitement as he awaited the transformation to be noticed. He quivered with laugher at the surprise on everyones faces as they noticed his change. Reaching out with his mind once more, he sent just a single word to the gnome. "Master!".

Halgur Flamestrike, Shortsword

This shortsword looks incredibly fine. The smooth, platinum hilt is chased in red gold into lines etched into the mithril blade to look like fire raining down on foes.

It is a +5 weapon that has the following abilities:

Int: 10; Wis: 10; Cha: 13;

Communication: Empathy (with single word transmission ability)

Item has Know Alignment (40' cone) continually active (+7500 gp)
Item has Bulls Strength continually active (+4000 gp)
Item has deathwatch continually active (+2700 gp)
Item has Energy Immunity (Fire) active continually (
Item has 10 ranks in Intimidate (+5000 gp)

Item does 8d6 fire damage burst (5` radius) on a critical hit

Halgur's only purpose in life is to spread chaos in the form of battle. He is not incredibly intelligent, but can be fiercly loyal to a master that is proficient in killing. He can change shape to any bladed weapon, though swords are his favorite.
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Re: The Swords Dilema...

Postby Boric Glanduum » Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:29 pm

Earl Varinso walked into the room and looked each one of us in the eyes. It was clear that his gratitude knew no bounds. His weariness--physical and emotional--was evident on his face. In his arms he carried the spoils I, and my friends, had stripped from the fire giant's corpse.

Odd. He carries no greatsword, but a short sword, a short blade. That blade is barely...well, it's fit for none but a gnome, I'd say. Looking around, my surprise was shared by the others. Trident actually jolted and shook his head when he saw the blade.

Varinso spoke, "We have been able to identify these objects for you. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I've had this done in gratitude for your valiant efforts and bravery. We thank you...although words hardly carry sufficient weight for that...."

He handed me the helm, now cleaned of gore and giant-sweat. "This, friend dwarf, has been identified as a 'Helm of Brilliance.'" He began to relate to me what his mages had told him about its powers and function.

He turned to Eli, handing him the giant's belt, "From this, the giant drew much strength. Frankly, my mages have never seen its equal. They tell me that they cannot conceive of such an item granting more strength to its wearer than this one does."

Finally he turned to Trident. "This one is a puzzle, master gnome. And an embarrassment. You gave us a mighty greatsword and we bring you a blade, the size of which makes it barely worthy of the name. Try as they might, my people can tell me very little about this blade other than the fact that it definitely is magical; its aura is quite powerful, they say."
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