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Character stories for the start of the new module, Tomb of Horrors

Torrellon Stormweaver

Postby Greylen » Fri Aug 19, 2016 3:28 pm

The letter arrived 6 months ago in the heart of winter. I remember it for several reasons. The first was because it was a rare warm day in the city of Mirabar so I read it on my balcony over looking the Mirar river and the Lurkwood forest and secondly it was the last communication that I had from my brother Dylon. I had been in Mirabar helping the dwarves manage a small infiltration of Drow. My brother a follower of Elistraee like myself, was called to investigate the famed "tomb of horrors". I gave him three weeks and when I hadn't heard from him I set out to find the tomb myself. Now the hard part begins, finding my brother within its confines. I feel a cautious hope as I stare at the entrance of the tomb. Hope that with his cleric like abilities he has managed to keep himself alive and safe in some corner of tomb walled off from danger.
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