Combined Skills a la Pathfinder

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Combined Skills a la Pathfinder

Postby Boric Glanduum » Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:23 pm

I know we'd recently discussed that we could use the PF combined skills system instead of the traditional 3.X system. For those unfamiliar with the PF system of combined skills, it is as follows:

My question is this: for the purposes of DMGenie auto-calc, rather than to take ranks in just one (as a representative of the combined set) of the sub-set skills (such as Hide or Balance) is it acceptable to take the same # of ranks in EACH of the sub-set skills? That would require FORCING DMGenie to accept the additional "unearned" skill ranks, but it would make the auto-calc work correctly. The reason I ask is because I have specific equipment that DMGenie recognizes as adding bonuses to a sub-set skill (such as Move Silently) but not to ALL sub-set skills (Hide does not show the bonus).

The only change I don't necessarily agree with is doing away with Use Rope.

If anyone has an alternate solution, let us know.
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Re: Combined Skills a la Pathfinder

Postby Greylen » Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:22 pm

This is a very good question, Jaren, and applies to everyone.

Everyone, using your best skill of any of the duplicates, enter all the skill points into that one skill. Then, using the matrix, apply the same number to each of the skills that are using the same new skill in the matrix.

This way, DMGenie will still calculate everything correctly. However, note that you'll need to do your full leveling and THEN make the other skills match. Don't try and do it during the level up process. It will break.

Looking forward to tomorrow. See ya'll then.
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