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PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 3:03 pm    Post subject: Amrus Reply with quote

“Amrus, I’m gladdened by your quick response. My diviners have been pestering me of late saying that events are occurring in Faerun which could have a dreaded impact on us, even here on Evermeet. As always it is hard to decipher the distant future for things are always changing and the wills of those involved are constantly reforming the future based on the consequences of their actions. I wish I did not have to respond to this threat but they say it grows dark if something is not done. I’m not certain what is required and I need someone I can trust without unduly endangering the line of successor-ship. So I’ve inquired and three things the diviners are certain of. First is the name of a small city near our ancestral homeland, ‘Ashabenford’. Second that there is a champion to the cause who must be aided. Third that the Harper’s are involved in some fashion and that they can give you information regarding the threat. I’m certain that you will be received by the harpers if not entirely welcomed. Take this letter which will validate your presence with the harpers and lend you aid with the elves if needed. The threat as near as we can tell does not involve the Drow directly so do not look there. Go quickly and remember your heritage, do not shame me or our people. May Correllian’s light shine about you and give you guidance. Be safe.”

“Yes my Queen”

Such was the conversation with my Aunt. I make note of it because it is the beginning of this voyage and I feel it my duty to make a full accounting of it to her when I have completed my task. I took my leave of Evermeet and traveled to Faerun by way of a Teleportation spell from one of my Queen’s diviners. It planted me firmly inside our ancestral homelands in Cormanthyr. It seems my arrival was fortuitous either by design or by accident the diviner placed me directly behind a band of drow as they were about to attack a village of wood elves. On reflection I believe the diviner meant for me to arrive here at this time as he sent me off with a wry smile. Either way I arrived at nightfall with the canopy hiding the moon and complete darkness from the Drow’s spells was engulfing the village. As I have no problem with darkness magical or otherwise I was able to assist my cousins in their defense. And together we turned the table on our outcast brethren and killed or drove them away.

I stayed another day to assist in repairing defenses and helping where I could I then took my leave south and after a few days travel I arrived at Ashabenford. Being unfamiliar with Faerun I felt it necessary to try and be as discreet as possible and learn what I might of these humans whom I’ve never seen before. I mingled with elves and inquired about events as discreetly as possible but I’m afraid I stood out like a sore thumb, as the human expression goes. I have been here over a month now mingling with the wood elves more often than not as they seem to be the most open and educated regarding relationships with humans. I’ve asked about the harpers but I think the direct approach has warranted me less information, it would have been helpful if my aunt and mentioned that the organization was a fairly secret society, or perhaps I should have paid more attention in my Faerunian political courses. At any rate I had run into little information since it was obvious that I wanted it and my ways of asking seemed to create a colder response that I had hoped for, therefore, I resorted to buying it and hired a few children to keep there hears open and also I spent time just sitting in the two local taverns overhearing the conversations as best I could. Not much information had been forthcoming until a band of adventurers arrived from the abbey of the sword. They spoke with a shady individual by the name of Chat whom I did not like and with several others asking about an individual by the name of Spugnor. I didn’t think much of it until a few days later I overheard the Dwarf and Bard of that party speak of the ill fortune that had befallen them and their comrades. The night progressed for the two of them as they proceeded to get drunk and with the inebriation their tongues loosened only slightly and after my casual questioning the Bard let slide the name of Ramney, stating that if I wanted to know so much I should go ask him. I repeated the name to myself apparently too loud as the dwarf seemed to take offense that I had grasped on to the name and decided to cold calk me about the head. I stepped up with my pride hurt and my honor having been slighted and punched the Dwarf in his face. He shook it off with a belch and charged me attempting to tackle me to the floor I stepped aside and gave him a little kick for momentum and he rushed through the adjacent table crushing the table a couple of chairs and a poor merchants jaw. The bard then stood pointed a finger at me and in a drunken slur said “shwwell don freeind” raised his tankard for a long draught then collapsed unconscious knocking over his chair and breaking a leg. The world erupted there after as the dwarf got up stumbled backwards as the band of villagers formed about him. He nearly fell over his friend but his stout stature held him steady and instead reached down picked up his friend and threw him horizontal into the menacing crowd knocking over several of them and then rushed in after him with a maniacal scream. I watched on thoroughly entertained and was amazed to see that the bard had risen from his alcohol induced slumber and began singing a raspy dwarven ballad, that seemed to empower both he and his comrade, and then he began knocking people across the top of the head with the tankard still clutched in his hands. I laughed for a moment and decided to leave before I got dragged into things. Rubbing the side of my head where the dwarf had left me a lump I decided to seek out this Ramney.

All the next day I searched but couldn’t find him until that same band of adventurers had created quite a ruckus at the mill. Like most of the town I went to investigate and overheard one of the adventurers drop the name again then a soldier was sent to find him so I followed the soldier and waited until Ramney came out. Now knowing what he looked like I waited until he returned which was several hours later. Finally, getting a moment to speak with him I knocked on his door and once again decided to take the direct approach which had failed me so often before. I simply asked him if he was a harper. The question caught him off guard and I received my answer in his hesitation. He laughed and denied it of course at which point I presented my letter. He cracked the seal and read it at which point he looked about for any that might be watching and invited me in.

I explained my purpose and he explained the gravity of the situation. I committed to help him and mentioned that the group he has employed in this task just lost a comrade and could likely lose her brother if she did not recover to full strength. He explained that things did not look good for the two elves who he knew were being pulled in two directions one to help fight this evil and the other to fight the Drow who were invading their homeland. I mentioned that perhaps they could protect their homeland if I offered to help their comrades. Ramney agreed and said at the least help me find these items as these are some things that the party might need to help them in this quest whether or not they accepted me for direct help. I went about procuring what I could as Ramney said he did not have all of them. I spent a pretty coin hoping that they might accept these items and my help. I returned what I was able to find or buy to Ramney and am waiting for the opportunity to serve further if he can convince the party to take me on.
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